Stock Assessment Surveys

Stock Assessment Surveys

Stock Assessment Surveys are our specialty!

We have performed the hook and line Stock Assessment Survey for the International Pacific Halibut Commission (IPHC) for the past six years. We have also performed the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) setline survey for Rockfish over the past six years (since 2011). Additionally, we have assisted with a Humbolt Squid survey.

“…Al Pazar and the Pacific Surveyor successfully completed the International Pacific Halibut Commission’s setline stock assessment survey in Puget Sound, Washington and Oregon. This vessel and its crew worked very well with me and helped me every day to maintain the scientific design of our survey and to collect good data. They responded well to my direction and helped with anything I asked. All 136 stations were deployed and retrieved to IPHC standards and there were no unsuccessful sets. It is my opinion that the Pacific Surveyor will serve as a good platform to conduct your research.”

Tom Miller
IPHC Suevey Biologist

“… I would highly recommend R/V Pacific Surveyor as a platform for various research cruise activities. Skipper Al Pazar and crew have successfully completed recent research cruises for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Marine Resources group. Yelloweye rockfish tagging has been a part of the survey. The Pacific Surveyor also has the capability to deploy oceanographic equipment to augment the survey.

The cruises that employed the Pacific Surveyor were completed without any complications. The vessel has done excellent work to deploy each desired station successfully and efficiently. Extra help with tagging and releasing Yelloweye rockfish was always available. Preparation for the cruise and each day were completed without question.

The Pacific Surveyor would be one of our top choices for future research cruise needs on the Washington Coast.”

Theresa Tsou, PhD
Marine Fish Science Lead